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When we were kids, creating new discovers and find solutions with convert to a conclusion to use at our problems  one of the most fun activities. MET believes that the key of power of innovation is protection of creativity of kids enjoying in the game are trying to alive at our designs.

Developing Future Technologies, advanced engineering, and innovation in strategic sectors (defense industry, aerospace, marine and automotive) and in future rise in importance sectors (energy, health, environment-friendly technologies, space, etc..) have to tackle challenging engineering work we use them as important tools. MET believes that the key to success pass through constant innovation, research and development, and continuing our studies with researchers and engineers from many different disciplines.


date_bg May  12, 2015  Missile Cases: Missile Cases for the secure storage and shipping of the missiles.case2

* 2.6 meter Drop Secure Height for Continues Use
* 12 meter Drop Missile Secure
* Compatible MIL-STD-648D
* Compatible most MIL-STD 810G Specs.
* Pressure Equalizer ability
* Sealed Designed Up to Under 5 meter Depth
* 50G Shock Indicator
* Temperature Indicator and Log Ability
* Special Absorption Design
* Customizable Sized for Every Missile

date_bg  February  11, 2014 Extra Fuel Tank For Light Helicopter: Developing  extra fuel tank for the long range tactical operations.

date_bg  November  25, 2013 Meteorological Balloon: Developing  meteorological balloon for multi purpose.

date_bg  December  12, 2012 Transmission Gear Box: Developing Military Application Transmission Gear Box.

date_bg  November  08, 2010 High Pressure Test Chamber: Developing High Pressure Test Chamber for simulating Under Water.

date_bg  December  02, 2010 Solenoid Valve: Developing High Pressure, High Flow Solenoid Valve for Military Applications.

date_bg  August 24, 2010 Pneumatic Gun: Developing Pneumatic Gun for  Human Rescue.

date_bg  August 24, 2009 Pneumatic Launcher: Developing Pneumatic Launcher for Counter-Measure Decoys.

date_bg  August 25, 2008 R&D Study of a Clip: Clips with new materials instead of metal.

date_bg  May 16, 2008 Impact (Crash) Analysis and Results: Study of the results of a sheet metal's impact on a rigid body.

date_bg  May 21, 2007 Die Kinematic Analysis: Kinematic analysis of dies during the design stage.ugust 25,

date_bg  April 10, 2007 Study of Sheet metal forming and springback of Fender. The study of investigating the effect of dynamic friction factor and variable friction factor on the AHSS fender and the results for springback and compensation methods and comparing the compensated data with real one...



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